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There are four different types of packages you can download. Choose the one that is the most appropriate for you. If you accidentally download a package that is too small or too large, you can always replace it later.

Typical - The base application, 8 themes and a selection of popular modules. Enough to satisfy the demands of most Gallery users.

Full - The base application, 9 themes and 70 modules. Every cool feature we've got.

Minimal - The base application, 2 themes and 3 graphics toolkits. Everything you need to publish photos, and nothing more.

Developer - Same as the full package, except it includes all the developer tools so that you can work on improving the code.

If you download a package that has modules you don't want, you can uninstall the extra ones. If you choose a package that's too small, you can always install more modules later. It's totally safe to joyride a module for a while then uninstall it so feel free to experiment.

You can also choose between English only packages and packages that include translations for all languages. Please note that you can always install more languages in the site administration area of your Gallery once an English only package is installed.

Preinstaller - This is a small application that will download and unpack Gallery2 for you. If you're on a slow connection or you use FTP, you may find this tool very useful. Read the preinstaller instructions for more details.

Looking for an older release of Gallery 2?
View downloads for Gallery 2.2.6 Official Release


If you're upgrading from Gallery 2.3 or older, you should download one of the packages (above) and unpack it on top of your existing version and then open up your Gallery in your web browser. Gallery will prompt you with an interactive web based upgrader which will walk you through the upgrade process.


Gallery features come as separate modules. You can download and install modules to add more features to your Gallery, or you can disable features if you don't want to use them. In order to use a feature, you must install, configure (if necessary) and activate it. If you don't wish to use a feature, you can deactivate it.