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Other Clients

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This client list is only for Gallery V1 and V2. See the Gallery3 clients here : [1]

You don't have to stick to using the web interface to get your images into Gallery! There are lots of other tools available that make it even easier to get your photos on to and off of your website running Gallery.

Tools that can export photos to Gallery


Using Flickr to host your images and want to copy them into your Gallery 2? We have a module on the user contributions page that lets you import your Flickr images and sets into Gallery 2.

Gallery Remote

We provide a Java program called Gallery Remote for getting images into your Gallery 1 or Gallery 2.

Photonator (Mac OS X)

Photonator is a new image organizing application that makes it easy to tag photos and do complex searches for them later. Among its many other talents are direct uploads to Gallery installations. It uses the Gallery Remote protocol, so any sites that work with Gallery remote will work with Photonator.


Windows Live Photo Gallery (Windows)

Publish on Gallery is a plug-in for a Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG) that enables publishing to Gallery. It currently supports publishing photos directly to Gallery2 using Gallery Remote protocol.

You can download it and read more information here: http://winlive2gallery.sourceforge.net/

Picasa (Windows/Linux)

We provide a Picasa module for Gallery 2 that lets you import pictures from a Picasa export right into your Gallery. This module will allow you to import the image, along with the name and any captions.

There is also a Picasa Web Upload module to add a button to Picasa, allowing you to upload to your gallery from within the application itself. Note that this module only allows you to upload the image and filename, but not any captions.

iPhoto (Mac OS X)

Export your pictures from iPhoto to Gallery simply and quickly with the iPhotoToGallery plugin. For Mac OS X only. Supports both Gallery 1 and Gallery2, but you'll need to download the plugin first.

Gallery Export for iPhoto BETA, an upgraded and retooled version of the ApertureToGallery plug-in, is currently being beta tested. It is compatible with iPhoto '08 and supports Gallery 1 and 2. Requires registration.

Aperture (Mac OS X)

None working plugins for Aperture are currently known. Please add links and information if you know about some.

Adobe Lightroom (Windows, Mac OS X)

  • Gallery3
    • Felix's Lightroom3 to Gallery3 publishing service : [2]. See also forum entry here : [3]
  • Gallery2
    • Export your pictures from Adobe Lightroom to Gallery with Lightroom To Gallery (lr-to-gallery).
    • Lightroom 2 Gallery Module - 2.0.0.
      • Fully compliant with Lightroom 2.0.
      • Supports Gallery 1, Gallery 2 and Jallery.
      • Translated in English, French and German.
      • User defined mapping for Lightroom metadata exported to Gallery.
    • Metadata synchronization between Lightroom version 1.2 and Gallery 2: Gallery2Lightroom

Windows XP Publishing Wizard

There is a Gallery 2 module for the Windows Web-Publishing Wizard and Gallery 1 has it as a built-in feature as well.

  • With Gallery 2, you need to install and activate the Publish XP module, which comes with documentation on how to access it.
  • With Gallery 1, point your web browser to http://www.example.com/gallery/publish_xp_docs.php and follow the instructions.

As the name implies, this only works on Windows XP (and Windows Vista). The advantage is a very close integration with the OS, which means very non-technical users will probably have an easier time with this than with other more complex tools.

F-Spot (Linux)

F-Spot is a full-featured personal photo management application for Linux. It can export directly to Gallery 1 or Gallery 2 without downloading a plugin.

Kipi Plugin (Linux)

The KIPI Plugins framework contains a Gallery Export feature that allows host applications (e.g. DigiKam, Gwenview) to upload their photos to a remote gallery. Current SVN version supports Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 and future expansion to add new features is planned over the summer of 2006, so watch this space ;-)


galleryadd.pl is a script that recursively adds directories or images to a Gallery installation. Its features include a listing of the albums available in a Gallery, the creation of top-level albums with titles and descriptions, and support for the addition of images and directories to an existing album. Supports Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

Gallery Remote (AIR)

Written in Adobe AIR this application intends to become a cross-platform feature rich bulk upload/management tool for Gallery users. The design is loosely based on the official Gallery Remote application.

This project is open source and hosted at SourceForge. You can download the release from here.

Gallery Local (Windows)

Gallery Local is a Windows program that lets you upload to and download from Gallery, displaying images in a slideshow if you like.


Using Coppermine on your website and want to switch to Gallery 2? We have a module on the user contributions page that lets you import your Coppermine albums into Gallery 2.


There is a module for migrating from DAlbum to Gallery 2. Visit the DAlbum Migration page and follow the instructions.

GLoSS: Gallery2 Local Screen Saver & Desktop Changer

The Gallery2 Local Screen Saver & Desktop Changer allows upload of JPEGs (including new album creation) to Gallery. Can perform high quality resizing/resampling of images prior to upload.


A clean Python interface that makes it easy for Python developers to access Gallery instances. Notice the version present on Pypi is (as of Nov 17 2010) obsolete. (Pypi version is now, and will continue to be, up to date - Jan 14 2011).

gallery-uploader (Linux)

gallery-uploader is a Python/pygtk app providing a graphic user interface to python-galleryremote. It currently only supports Gallery 2.

It was developed to be used in GNOME, and is particularly suggested for usage as a Nautilus script, but it should be usable in any other Linux/Unix environment, and possibly also on Windows.

There is a package for debian, and it is present in Ubuntu repositories too.


GUP is a Python script to upload several pictures to Gallery (much like galleryadd.pl). Supports only Gallery 2, and is scarcely supported.


Pix2Gallery2 is a C# implementation of Gallery Remote that uses .NET 2.0 and runs on Windows Vista. It is tested with Gallery 2.2.1 and will not work with Gallery 1.x. Includes functionality to upload from Adobe Photoshop Elements verisons 5 and 6.

Photoshop Elements

See Pix2Gallery2.

G2Android (Android)

G2Android is a Gallery2 client for the android platform (most popular phones running the android platform are T-Mobile G1 or HTC Dream, G2 or HTC Magic,HTC Hero, Samsung Galaxy and many more to come...) You can download G2Android directly from the android market or on the G2Android project page

Gallery2ShareImage (Android)

Gallery2ShareImage allows you to directly upload images from your phone to a specific album on your Gallery2 installation through the Share menu on your phone. Tested on HTC Hero phones. (Requires Android 1.5)

Available for download at SlideMe application page.

sharing-plugin-gallery2 (Maemo 5 / N900)

"sharing-plugin-gallery2" adds a "Share via service" option to upload photos to a Gallery2 installation from the image sharing menu of Maemo 5 devices (the Nokia N900 phone, basically).

Details of the project can be found at the Garage project page.

viGallery for iPhone

viGallery is a Gallery 3 client for iOS. It allows you to manage your photos and albums straight from your iOS device. viGallery – Infos and Support

Anything Else

Writing your own program or plugin to talk to Gallery? The Gallery Remote Protocol is well documented and should make it easy for your program to talk to Gallery.

Tools that can get images from Gallery


WP-Gallery-Remote is a plugin for the open source blog software Wordpress. It can be used to include albums and images from any Gallery installation using Gallery’s Gallery Remote Protocol. WP-Gallery-Remote uses the Lightbox plugin for Wordpress to display images in a visually appealing way.


galleryscr.pl is a script that fetches images from an online gallery or local directory structure and creates a random image collage. It features inclusion or exclusion of specific images, random or sequential selection of images, and various output options. It can be useful for creating images for a screensaver.

GLoSS: Gallery2 Local Screen Saver & Desktop Changer

The Gallery2 Local Screen Saver & Desktop Changer uses the random Image Block functionality to download random images from your Gallery installation and use them as a Windows screensaver and desktop background. Also allows browsing of images from Gallery, and control over offline caching of Gallery images, album selection, etc.

Gallery Screensaver

The Gallery Screensaver is a modified version of Gallery Remote that runs as a Windows or Unix screensaver, allowing you to share a screensaver that dynamically downloads and displays pictures from an album, a list of albums or your entire Gallery.

Gallery Gadget

The Gallery Gadget easily installs onto your Microsoft Vista Sidebar and displays a slideshow using pictures from your online Gallery. (G2 forum topic)

Gallery Karamba

A Widget for Superkaramba on the KDE desktop. Displays slideshow using pictures from your online Gallery2 website. (Download here)

Gallery 2 Picasa

A Python command line script to export your Gallery2 images to Picasaweb. Relatively limited (no nested folders, makes too many assumptions about album names on disk). (gallery2picasa site)

Gallery 2 Flickr

Gallery2Flickr is a module for the Gallery2 software. It allows to exchange images between Flickr and your own Gallery installation. (gallery2flickr)

iGallery for iPhone

Simple gallery iPhone client to view/upload pictures ([4])

Xotof for Android

Android Gallery 3 client, for viewing, and upload of pictures on Android phones and tablets ([5])