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IRC Support

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Gallery support on IRC (Internet Relay Chat, a real-time text-based chat protocol) is provided on in the channel [1]

If you already have an IRC client installed, join the channel; if not, download a client (mIRC and X-Chat are recommended) or use the web based support interface.

Please adhere to these guidelines when on #gallery (it helps us help you):

  1. When asking a support question please state your version of Gallery ("G2" or "G3" is usually OK, but more specific versions help us more)
  2. If you need to quote more than three lines of code, please paste your code into and quote us the URL. It keeps the code readable, and the channel window cleaner also.
  3. Please note users and support staff may not always be available; try not to expect an immediate response. Many channel members check in periodically and will eventually see your question.
  4. If you cannot get the help you need on #gallery (and that's possible because devs and testers don't hang out there all the time, and users that are there may not have the answers you need), please post your question(s) in the forums.