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What is IRC

Internet Relay Chat is a protocol for communication, which presents a fast, simple and good possibility to communicate to others.

About our support on IRC

Server and channel

Our Gallery channel is on the freenode network.

  • Channel: #gallery
  • Server:
  • Port: 6667
  • Please note users and support staff may not always be available; try not to expect an immediate response. Many channel members check in periodically and will eventually see your question.
  • When asking a support question please state your version of Gallery ("G2" or "G3" is usually OK, but more specific versions help us more

Logs and Tools

IRC Logs and other tools are available on


English is the most widely understood language on IRC. Some channels, like #España or #Brazil, whose main participants are Spanish or Brazilians, would obviously chat in their own language.

Although IRC is mostly unrestricted, nevertheless there are certain rules/etiquette everyone must follow.

  • You don't have to greet every person in a channel personally. A simple "Hello!" typed in the channel would suffice. Similarly, it's nice to say "Bye" when you are about to leave a channel.
  • You should always talk in a language that everyone in the channel will understand. If you wish to speak to friends in a different language, you may create a separate channel and put a language restriction in your topic.
  • Never flood or dump another person or a channel. That is, sending large amounts of unwanted information. This slows down connection because the server cannot handle the traffic. This could cause it (and possibly you) to be disconnected from IRC.
  • Always be friendly. Don't pick fights or arguments and antagonize other users.
  • Always abide by the channel rules. Too often a person is kicked from a channel or banned from joining it because he violated a channel's rules. One such violation may be using crude language.
  • Some IRC clients enable you to automatically greet persons joining the channel even if you are away or talking to other people. You might think this polite but autogreets actually convey you as an insincere person.
  • Do not harass other users in any way.
  • Use a charset which everyone can read: utf-8