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How do I make square thumbnails

From Gallery Codex

A short guide to making square thumbnails on an existing Gallery installation.

  • Login as a Gallery Admin
  • Select "Site Admin"
  • Select "Plugins"
  • Find and Activate the "Square Thumbnails" module
  • Navigate to your Gallery Root.
  • Select "Edit Album"

Find the section marked "Apply settings to existing items" and check all three top boxes.

X Apply album setting to thumbnails X ... and for all subalbums X Build thumbnails too
  • Select "SAVE" at the bottom of the page.

Navigate to your Gallery. If you don't see square thumbnails right away:

  • Select "Site Admin"
  • Select "Maintenance"
  • Select "Delete template cache"
  • Select "Performance"
  • Select "Clear Saved Pages"

Navigate to your Gallery root, you should now see square thumbnails.