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Gallery Remote

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Gallery Remote family

Gallery Remote is a Java client application for Gallery. It uses the Gallery Remote protocol, which is available in Gallery 1 and Gallery 2. Over the years, it has evolved to form a family of related modules.

Gallery Remote Standalone

This is the original Java client application, which you can download and install to your computer.

Upload Applet

This is a lighter version of Gallery Remote that runs in your web browser. It's standard in G1. In G2, the uploadapplet module needs to be enabled.

Fullscreen Slideshow

An applet-based, full-screen slideshow, with bells and whistles. It's standard in G1. In G2, the slideshowapplet module needs to be enabled.

Gallery Screensaver

A screensaver for your Windows or Unix computer that pulls random pictures from a set of albums on a Gallery. Download it now.

Current Documentation

Old (outdated) Documentation

All of these are out of date. Some by as much as 4 years. They are kept here for historical reasons.