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Vegas, Baby!

  • The Gallery Group is going to Las Vegas, NV on the weekend of Aug 25 - 27 2006!
  • Please make sure you have your passports, visas, and whatnots in time.
  • _Everyone_ should plan their airfare as soon as possible so we can get good rates.
  • It _will_ be hot outside. (Average High of 100F daily.)

Who the hell is going?

Where the hell are we staying?

  • The Luxor (link) will be the offical group hotel
  • You can stay anywhere you want on the strip (or off of it) we will all be fairly close.
  • Right now(May 25) the rooms at the Luxor for 2 nights (fri, sat) for 1-2 people (1 or 2 beds), including tax is a total of $370 USD.

Who is rooming together?

  • we will do this after we get a hotel

What the hell are we doing?

  • wet and wild


  • dunno

People and Dates

  • Note: This is outdated, but i will keep it incase.

Only fill this out if you are going, or want to go. Put an Y in the dates you can go, N if you cant. Put +1, +0, +?, etc for your guests, updates totals as required. I want everyone who is going on this list by May 12, 2006 (Friday).


  • [1] Depending on how badly the medical bills hit, I will be coming. Nicole won't, but a stunt wife will make an appearance as well (sorry jmullan, probably not Lauren).
  • [2] Our wedding is on July 1st and I've just taken a job that I like, but for a pay cut (vs. a job I dislike that payed well), so while I would strongly *like* to come, it will depend on finances at the time. Which are not certain.

Vegas Ideas


Extra Shirts!

Coming + Not Coming = Quantity: 35 (7 S, 9 M, 6 L, 10 XL, 3 XXL)