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.Pear Theme

  • Theme based on Apples mobile me gallery.


  • Two major viewing modes, grid and mosaic.
  • Support for album skimming (slide trough the first 50 thumbs for each album).
  • Support for carousel view, similar to Apples cover flow.
  • User configurable background color.
  • Thumbnail size slider.
  • "Fullscreen" view mode for images (used by own slideshow as well).
  • Page updates via Java Scripts for faster and smoother views. (Pre-cache of larger images).


Simply unpack/unzip into your themes directory and go to Admin > Appearance > Theme Choice to select the new theme. Make sure you save settings and rebuild all images/thumbs.

Thumb loading speed

The skimming part forces us to load all the images directly so in a page with a hundred albums you will actually load 50*50 (paging size * skim size) thumbs for the skimming part.
There are a few tricks to get it to load faster:

  1. Get faster connection/change provider to a faster one.
  2. Lower the skimming size (found under theme options).
  3. Lower the paging size (found under advanced settings).
  4. Lower the thumb size and rebuild all the thumbs (really not preferrable).
  5. Lower the resize size for pictures.


Theme Page



Pear4gallery3 mosaic.png

Pear4gallery3 carousel.png

Current issues

According to


  • Jacob Deane - images [1]
  • Finn Rudolph - carousel (ImageFlow)

Devel Download

Bleeding edge can be downloaded from github: