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Gallery3:Theme Directory Layout

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Below we list out the structure for the default theme:

  • gallery3/ — The root of your gallery installation.
    • themes/ — Where all themes are stored.
      • wind/ — The default theme.
        • css/ — Where all css files are stored that are specific to the default theme.
          • fix-ie.css — Special css hacks to fix specific issues with Internet Explorer.
          • screen.css — The main css file used by the default theme.
        • images/ — Where all images that are specific to the default them are stored.
        • js/ — Where all javascript files that are specific to the default them are stored.
        • views/ — Where all pages are that actually display content are stored.
          • album.html.php — Used to generate the layout for album pages.
          • block.html.php — Used for blocks, like those you see on the side bar (i.e. Album/Photo Info, Available RSS feeds, etc).
          • dynamic.html.php — Used on dynamic pages such as those generated by clicking on a tag.
          • movie.html.php — Used for pages that display movies.
          • page.html.php — The overall layout for the page, header, content, footer, etc. The other page types are loaded as the content for this page.
          • pager.html.php — Controls the first, previous, next, last and "page 1 of 2" part of the page.
          • photo.html.php — Used to generate the layout for the photo pages.
          • sidebar.html.php — Controls the look and feel for the sidebar.
        • — This file is really cool. Edit it to give your theme a unique name, description, tell everyone who the author is and whether it's a "site" theme or "admin" theme.
        • thumbnail.png — Once you're done with your theme, take as screenshot, resize it to about 120 pixels wide and save it as thumbnail.png in your theme's directory. This will show a screenshot of what your theme looks like when selecting a theme from Admin > Appearance > Theme Choice