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From Gallery Codex

  • admin site menu

global navigation within the site admin part of the system
synonym: admin menu, admin navigation

  • album

container of items

  • base system

basic framework of Gallery. everything that's not a module
synonyms: framework, core

  • block

a generic content container within a template. mostly used in the markup and to style using CSS. a block can be flexibly placed on different parts of the website
synonyms: widget, content element, content container

  • comment

comment on an item

  • contrib

parts of the system that are developed by people that are not part of the Gallery core team

  • core / core team

core team working on Gallery. see "core maintained"

  • core maintained

part of the system that is build and supported by the core team

  • item

an individual Gallery multimedia item
synonyms: photo, picture, image

  • module

adds functionality to the Gallery base system
synonyms: plug-in, add-on, extension
modules can have the following states: not installed, installed, enabled

  • note

image area annotation of an item
synonyms: annotation, tag (facebook)

  • permission

right to modify something
synonyms: right, ACL

  • sidebar

area with contextual information the current main content. default position is on the right, but it can be anywhere

  • site menu

global navigation within the "Gallery" part of the system
synonym: menu, main menu, global navigation, main navigation

  • site admin

part of the system to administer you Gallery installation. in contrast to the regular "Gallery" part of the system
synonym: admin area, admin

  • tag

describe and album or an item

  • template

a file in PHP that determine how the Gallery data is turned into HTML markup

  • theme

a set of templates, CSS and JS files to determine how Gallery views are displayed