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Gallery3:Season of Usability 2009 Survey Results

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Sub-bullet responses (in italics) from jhaines. Please continue to add questions, comments.

  • what is the overlap between friends/family and amateur photographers

  • we should split up into user groups based on who hosts things for themselves and who host Gallery for others (and who uses Gallery professionally)
    • Let me know what data you would like to analyze from these three groups, and I'll start putting together some info on each.

  • we should add "hide photo" to meet a need that 30% of our users do

  • would be nice to have referral stats for where people came to site
    • This has been brought up with the survey design group as they continue to modify the site; will check to see how that's progressing

  • is the 86% of IT users and 80% importance of using open source correlated?
    • This certainly speaks to the self-selecting nature of surveys. Perhaps we could delve a little deeper in follow-up research to see why open source is such an important factor.

  • people stop using Gallery because of the overhead cost
    • Here's the data for current users on issues of cost:
    • Rate the importance of the cost of the service or software
      • Average: 4.21, Standard deviation: 1
      • Number of valid answers: 600
      • 1= Not important, 5= Very important, x= missing
        • 1: 14, 2 %
        • 2: 22, 4 %
        • 3: 98, 16 %
        • 4: 148, 25 %
        • 5: 307, 51 %
        • x: 11, 2 %
    • Here's the data for lapsed users on issues of cost:
    • Rate the importance of the cost of the service or software
      • Average: 4.52, Standard deviation: 0.68
      • Number of valid answers: 50
      • 1= Not important, 5= Very important, x= missing
        • 1: 0, 0 %
        • 2: 0, 0 %
        • 3: 5, 10 %
        • 4: 14, 28 %
        • 5: 31, 62 %
        • x: 0, 0 %

  • Two categories of uploaders
    • using the flash upload (non-technical users)
    • using alternate upload methods like API, ftp/rsync/etc

  • what client do people use on their desktops? (iphoto, windows gallery, lightroom, picasa)
    • This was in the original pre-survey, so we do have a little data on this, but it was not included in the final survey. Do we want to do a quick poll on this, or include it in a more comprehensive survey?

  • how to explain to people that things on the internet are public (flash cannot protect people from saving things)

  • free-response comments on survey can be filters by other things
    • Absolutely. Please let me know or add to the comment section any areas you'd like to see the survey data filtered, diced up, analyzed further...

  • Gallery 2 users don't know how to optimize their systems (G2 with page caching and tuning is faster than G3, but optimized G2 is very fast)

  • What percentage of users did per-photo permissions?
    • According to the survey, out of 600 valid responses, 176 (29%) "limit the permission to view individual, private photos within public albums."

  • survey free-form results in presentation were selected because they are critical, lots of positive comments
    • Absolutely. I would say more than half were positive feedback. Even most criticisms also included positive statements. I will try to categorize the free-responses further to see what the breakdown of different topics is.

  • would be useful to have more statistically significant numbers about size, numbers of users, numbers of groups, etc -> should use automatic stats collection
    • Duly noted. For survey results, I will be talking further with the survey design group to see if there's any way we can get more accurate statistics

  • one-up polls on gmc for things like client software

Survey Results

Overall Survey Statistics

Element started: 1251 Participants
Element finished: 701 Participants
Drop-Out 43%
Time to finish 18:54 min (s=38,96 min)

Evaluation of individual modules


67% 846
Motivations responses

Motivations, continued

59% 742
Motivations responses continued


58% 730
Tasks responses

Tasks, continued

56% 710
Tasks responses continued


56% 706
Metadata responses


56% 702
Desires responses


56% 702
Demographics responses


56% 701
Feedback responses

All open answer responses

Method of sharing responses
Permissions responses
Feedback responses

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