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Tree View Module

Provides a page with links to all albums in the gallery and optional to several pages provided by other modules.


Displays a page with links to all albums in the gallery in a tree-like list. On hovering the mouse pointer over a link the album thumbnail and description is displayed.

If the Dynamic module is installed, links to 'Recent changes' and 'Most viewed' dynamic Albums can be listed. A link to the Tag Cloud Page provided by the Tag Cloud Page Module, can also be displayed. If the Pages module is installed the static pages also can be listed.


  • List all albums in a separate page.
  • Display thumbnail and album-details on pointing the mouse over a link.
  • The albums page can be displayed as:
  • List - unsorted < UL > list.
  • CSS Tree - open sub albums on pointing the mouse over a "+" icon.
  • DTree - open sub albums on clicking the "+" icon.
  • Possible to show 'Recent changes' and 'Most viewed' dynamic albums, requires Dynamic Module.
  • Allows showing 'Tag Cloud Page', this requires the Tag Cloud Page Module.
  • Possible to show static pages, requires the Pages Module.
  • Provides preview also for static pages.
  • Fully translatable via the Gallery 3 translation option.
  • Provides a menu link.
  • Offers a sidebar link.


Can be found in the Gallery forum here.


This module may be downloaded from the Gallery forums here.

To install, extract the "treeview" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder. Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.

Once activated the treeview page can be displayed via the menu or sidebar link.


For upgrading please follow this steps:

  • Log into your Gallery web site as an administrator, deactivate the Module in the Admin -> Modules menu.
  • Empty the directory gallery/modules/treeview on your web server.
  • Copy new files into the gallery/modules/treeview directory.
  • Activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.

Note: Not deactivating the module before upgrading in some cases causes troubles on upgrading the module.


The module can be configured via Admin -> Settings -> Tree View.

Available Options

  • Menu Title.
  • Different list styles can be selected: Default List/CSS Tree/DTree.
  • Hide menu link to "Tree View".
  • Display details (thumbnail, description) in "Tree View".
  • Module Integration:
  • Display albums, provided by the "dynamic" module.
  • Display Tag Coud, provided by the "Tag Cloud Page" module.
  • Display pages, provided by the "pages" module.
  • DTree Settings:
  • Open subalbums on mouseover '+'.
Albums can be opened/closed by just placing the mouse pointer over the '+'/'-'.
  • Close other albums in in the same level.
If you open an album, all other ones in the same level will be closed.


To let the list stile fit to your gallery theme you can edit the gallery3/modules/treeview/css/treeview.css file.

If you want to this disable the menu link an hide the sidebar link, you can place a link anywhere on your site to gallery3/index.php/treeview.

Version History

  • v4 (2014-05-29)
Support for dynamic Module
Support for tag_cloud_page Module
  • v3 (2014-03-07)
  • Settings for DTree:
Albums open/close by just placing mouse pointer over '+'.
Open only one album in the same level.
  • v2 (2014-03-02)
  • Different list styles can be selected: Default List/CSS Tree/DTree.
  • Preview will also be displayed for static pages (first 300 characters).
  • v1 (2013-12-27)
  • Initial Release.


For discussion, bug reports, feature requests or comments to the module please visit the Gallery forums.