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Inserts your StatCounter code on each page to analyze visitors in real time.


This module enables you to track and analyze your Gallery3 visitors using the web tracking and analytics service of .
To use it you need to sign up with their service - the free account is a good start. Once set up, a few lines of code is inserted at the bottom of the source code on each page. Nothing is visible on your pages unless you have chosen to use a hitcounter or button.
Return to to retreive your site stats.

Screen shots

Statcounter admin.png


  • Download the module from: here.
  • Extract the module to the module directory of your G3 install.
  • Activate the module: Login -> Admin -> Modules. Check the box next to the module. Click update at the bottom of the page.
  • After activation enter your details on the setup page: Admin -> Settings -> StatCounter. This page should look like the screenshot above.


  • Note: The <noscript> code is personalised to your account and is added manually. When pasting in the text area, don't leave any javascript code - otherwise page rendering will mess up and may not function properly. The javascript code will render automatically on your pages.
  • Although the module will work without pasting the <noscript> code, this should be done to comply with StatCounter terms & conditions, and may be useful if your visitors have javascript disabled.

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