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Gallery3:Modules:rss extra

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RSS Feed Extra

Adds support for new RSS Feeds:

  • rss_extra/random - random movie and photo feed
  • rss_extra/random/photo - random photo feed
  • rss_extra/random/landscape - random landscape photo feed
  • rss_extra/random/portrait - random portrait photo feed
  • rss_extra/album_landscape - landscape photo feed for selected album
  • rss_extra/album_portrait - portrait photo feed for selected album
  • rss_extra/latest - latest photo feed
  • rss_extra/latest/landscape - latest landscape photo feed
  • rss_extra/latest/portrait - latest portrait photo feed
  • rss_extra/popular - popular photo feed
  • rss_extra/popular/landscape - popular landscape photo feed
  • rss_extra/popular/portrait - popular portrait photo feed


Adds support for new RSS Feeds and allows selection of what feeds are available via Admin section
Discuss it here

Note about URL format

If your normal root gallery feed look like this

then module's url would look like this


Unpack content in modules folder.
Activate the module: Login -> Admin -> Modules. Check the box next to the module. Click update at the bottom of the page.
Visit Admin section and activate necessary feeds.


When used with ImageBlock Ex, rss_extra/random feed need to be enabled to be used with "random" option