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Gallery3:Modules:rebuild items

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Rebuild items

Rebuild thumbs, exif, and resized images in specific album. Rebuild single items as well.


Gives the administrator the ability to rebuild items (thumbs and re-sizes) as well as EXIF data. It marks the items in the database as 'dirty' and Gallery will then attempt to fix those items that are marked as dirty.



  • If you experience EXIF data, thumb or resize issues in a particular album, choose the 'rebuild items' action from the 'Album options' dropdown.
  • Select what items you would like to be fixed. Only the first action on the list will be performed.
  • After you 'commit changes', you will now see a link to have Gallery fix/rebuild those items in the album you chose.
  • Perform the action that Gallery requests you to do.

Screen shot

Admin page:
Admin rebuild-items.png


  • Sub-albums are not chosen in this operation. You will need to perform the action on each album. This is done for performance and resource issues.
  • This module is not designed for the manual replacement of the original item(s). Especially if the size or aspect ratio is changed.