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Rate items in your gallery using the standard 5 star/heart rating system

  • Many configurable options in: Admin->Settings->Ratings Settings
  • Ability for admin to zero/clear out votes/ratings via Photo Options menu

A special thanks to jusie, shug17, skunker and of course, floridave for the assistance in getting this kicked off!


This module provides a 5 star/heart rating system for users to rate items in your gallery. Configurable to place a block in the sidebar -or- under the photo on the photo page.

Screen shots

Rating sidebar.png


This module may be downloaded from the codex here.

To install, extract the "ratings" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder.
Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.
It is listed as 'Photo Ratings' in the module list.
You'll want to configure the module after installation.


  • REPORTS OF ISSUES WITH G3 3.0.2 no icons displayed. UPGRADE! 3.0.2 is old!


Future features:

  • Ability for admin to alter the votes IE: Add [x] [4star] votes to this item
  • Freeze ratings on particular item. (? Unsure of at this time)
  • Pink Unicorns!


Version History

  • v20 - update - fixed but in upgrade function
  • v18 - Revision(s) for duplicate votes - allow from same IP with diff userid...
  • v15 - Now with cameras!
  • v14 - Now with stars!
  • v13 - Added admin option in 'Photo Options' menu to clear out all ratings/votes for an item
  • v12 - Added option in settings for "allow only registered users to vote"
  • v11 - Text color now configurable via admin settings
  • v10 - Bug fixes
    • Minor bug fixes on color settings (if not previously defined)
    • Made 'vote' a configurable word (for translation)
    • Made 'cast your vote' string configurable (as above)
  • v9 - Lots of things ( thanks to jusie and shug17! )
    • Moved css and js into views (as some themes don't like 'function head($theme)' or so it seems
      • This could be a problem for any module that uses this function in module/helpers/module_theme.php with these themes...
        • Appears to be a problem with any themes generated with the themeroller module <- they are non-compliant
      • This fix shouldn't affect 'compliant' themes
    • Added support for changing fill/voted/hover colors of 'stars'
    • Overall code cleansing
  • v8 - Okay, fixed another instance of a bad URL with index.php in it.
  • v7 - Hopefully a few more fixes - and that we didn't go backwards
  • v6 - Initial support for additional iconsets (in it's infancy right now)
  • v5 - Fixed '0 vote' to '0 votes'
  • v4 - Minor change in admin settings to set in sidebar or under photo, but not both...
  • v3 - Minor css change for allowing diff iconsets (also included filmstrip.png - although not used)
  • v2 - Mods of a few items... prep for custom icons work...
  • v1 - Initial Release