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Give G3 the ability to display panorama photos on the photo page. The Flash viewer can render both whole panoramas (360x180) or partial panoramas.


View panoramas with an interactive viewer (forked from fspp's pan0). pan0 - open-source, Flash 9 based panorama player.
Adds photo edit options to allow the photo to be displayed in the panoramic player.

Screen shots

Pano edit photo.png


This module may be downloaded from GalleryModules or github. The latest development code is in Github

To install, extract the "panorama" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder.
Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.

For a full panorama, leave both the HFOV and VFOV fields blank; they will be filled in automatically with 360 and 180. For a partial (equirectangular) panorama, enter either the horizontal span or the vertical one; the missing value will be calculated from the image aspect ratio automatically.



Because this module uses the full sized image to view the panorama in the player, the user must have view full sized permissions to see the image.