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Navigation carousel

Displays a carousel below or above the picture on photo pages
Inspired by floridaves Album carousel module
see update: -moderator See yet another update to work with tag albums: -floridave


  1. Based on jCarousel written by Jan Sorgella
  2. Displays a carousel below or above the picture of photo pages (see screenshot)
  3. Carousel size and thumbnail size configurable
  4. Dynamic loading of thumbnails using ajax (optional)
  5. Active image is centered and highlighted
  6. Tested with RC2 in FF3.6, FF4b1, IE8 (I don't have IE7 or IE6 to test), Chrome 5/Chromium and Opera 10.60


  • Download the module from:
  • Extract the module to the module directory of your G3 install.
  • Activate the module: Login -> Admin -> Modules. Check the box next to the module. Click update at the bottom of the page.


  • You can configure the module by going to Login -> Admin -> Settings -> Navigation Carousel (see also Known issues)

Known issues

  • Will not show directly under the photo if other modules are used that show content at the same location (see below for a workaround)
  • When loading thumbnails dynamically the scrolling and positioning is sometimes incorrect. Please deactivate dynamic thumbnail loading if you have this problem.
  • updated to version 3.0.1: see update: -moderator

How to display the carousel above the Comments

If you are using the latest github code you can download the module "Module order" to fix this. If you are using RC2 and don't want to upgrade to the latest github code then please follow the below instructions. Please only do this if you have experience with MySQL and at your own risk.

  • Create a backup of your MySQL database of your Gallery 3 installation
  • In the table 'modules' change the 'id' value of the 'comment' row to a higher value than the 'id' value of the 'navcarousel'. The new id of 'comment' must be unused in this table.

Note: 2011/04/04: I found that changing the 'id' value had no effect. Changing the 'weight' value worked. So the above should read: "change the 'weight' value of the 'comment' row to a higher value than the 'weight' value of the 'navcarousel'."

Discussions, Bug reports and other feedback

If you want to report bugs, make a feature wish or give any other feedback you can do this on the forum thread.

Screen shots

Carousel under photo:

Version history

Version 1

  • Initial release

Version 2

  • Fixed bug with small albums (photo count smaller than number of items shown)
  • Carousel is no longer circular. This caused many problems which I couldn't fix
  • Implemented number of items to show and to scroll options

Version 3

  • Fixed incompatibility with PHP versions < 5.3.x
  • Implemented thumbnail size and carousel width options
  • Added possibility to show carousel above the photo
  • Some general cleanup

Version 3.1

  • Fixed positioning issue with Grey Dragon

Version 4

  • Fixed incompatibility with right-to-left languages
  • Added some options how to display thumbnails
  • Made dynamic thumbnail loading optional. If this is switched off the positioning / scrolling bug is gone.
  • Added load indicator

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