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Multilanguage Support

Multi language support for title, description and URL (internet address).


  1. Allows publishing of photo items in multiple languages
  2. Allows publisher to have language specific TAGs
  3. Gives advantage of having an optional extra field Short Description. This can be used by the theme (e.g. $item->short_description) to boost the SEO
  4. The filename can also be entered language specific, giving the advantage of image indexing by SE in multiple languages
  5. A G3 Sidebar (see screenshots below), that shows all the alternative locales, in which the current item is available.


more to come


This module may be downloaded from the Gallery forums here.

To install, extract the "maultilang" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder. Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu. Once activated, you will have the context menu altered for your editing.