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Gallery3:Modules:movie tools

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Movie Tools Module

Movie tools allows you to add support for additional movie formats and customize when movie thumbnails are extracted.

Movie tools requires Gallery v3.0.5 or newer. The API of older versions is not as flexible with adding support for additional movie types.


  • Add support for movie formats from a preset lists as desired.
  • Add support for additional movie formats not in the preset lists.
  • Customize the time at which thumbnails are extracted from movies.

Once enabled, additional movie types can be uploaded just like standard movies.

The preset lists include the following movie formats: mov (video/quicktime), f4v (video/x-m4v), webm (video/webm), ogv (video/ogg), ts (video/mp2t), mts (video/mp2t), m2ts (video/mp2t), mpe (video/mpeg), mpeg (video/mpeg), mpg (video/mpeg), m1v (video/mpeg), m2v (video/mpeg), mp4v (video/mp4), mpg4 (video/mp4), qt (video/quicktime), wmv (video/x-ms-wmv), avi (video/x-msvideo), asf (video/x-ms-asf), 3gp (video/3gpp), 3g2 (video/3gpp2).

Technical details

While this module will allow the movies to be uploaded and supported by Gallery, not all formats will necessarily be viewable or readable by Gallery. Also, the movie may not be long enough to extract the thumbnail at the desired time.

  • If Gallery is unable to extract a thumbnail from a new movie type, it will use a placeholder.
  • If Gallery is unable to play a movie, a download link will be provided to the user instead.
  • If the movie is shorter than the time specified, the thumbnail will be taken from the start of the movie.

Also, if you want to disable a previously-supported movie type, it's recommended to first delete any movies if that type. Otherwise, Gallery could act strangely with the now-unsupported movies.


Installing movie tools is just like any other module:

  • Download and extract movie_tools, then put the movie_tools folder into your Gallery modules folder.
  • Log into your Gallery as an admin and activate the module in the Admin | Modules menu.
  • Change the settings as desired in the Admin | Settings | Movie Tools menu.

If your Gallery is not configured to allow movie uploads, you'll first need to enable them. See the Admin | Settings | Movies menu.


  • 2013/02/22, version 1

Initial release