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Compares your installed module version against the ones stored in the GitHub.


A module that creates a new admin view to compare your installed module version against the ones stored in the GitHub.

Screen shots

[Version 8 Main [1]]
[Version 8 Community Contributed Modules [2]]


This module may be downloaded from the Gallery-contrib repository here.

To install, download repository (download source link), extract the "moduleupdates" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder.
Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.
Use the module: Settings -> Module Updates page. You will be able to see the modules versions and if they require updating.

Outbound HTTP

The ModuleUpdates module requires the ability to connect outbound from your host in order to check for updates. Some hosts may block this support by default or may place a execution limit on scripts. Two of the common issues seen from various hosts so far are;

allow_url_fopen - Some hosts disable the use of allow_url_fopen by default which prevents ModuleUpdates from being able to call external URLs in order to check for version changes. This is typically the case when ModuleUpdates reports to the user on first run the state "Outbound Status: Offline - GitHub Status: Offline - Execution Time: 1 s" after finishing. You will need to work with your host to allow this setting in order to perform outbound calls.

Maximum execution time - Some hosts might limit the maximum time a script can execute. Due to the need to check each module the ModuleUpdates module currently can exceed the default 30 second maximum time allocated to scripts to run. This can result in getting a white screen when you try to run ModuleUpdates. You can narrow this down by following the debug direction located here and reviewing the output. If you see something along the following "Kohana_PHP_Exception [ Fatal Error ]: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded" then you will need to work with your host to increase your maximum execution time.


Support for this module can be found in the Gallery forums here.

Change Log

- v1.0 Initial Release
- v1.1
   [*]Removed rWatcher checking
   [*]Added indicator for which location the update was found in
   [*]Cleaned up code to conform to Gallery coding standards
   [*]Added additional documentation to code
- v1.2 - 2010.06.23
   [*]Fixed a bug where it was showing G3CC after a DNE
   [*]Added the installed module version information
   [*]Added alert for when a newer module is on the system but an older version is installed
   [*]Added alert for when an installed module is newer than the one on the system
   [*]Added version information on the Settings page to permit incremental update verification
- v2.0 - 2010.08.27
   [*]Fixed: comply with translated/t("string") standards
   [*]Added: New caching system.  ModuleUpdates now caches the last results so that it does not check every time the page is run.  The cache expires every 30 days, when the user selects the option to Check Modules for Updates, or the cache is empty.
   [*]Added: Color coding for more cases when versions are out of sync (Orange = Your file version is newer than the installed version & Pink = Your installed version is newer than file version).
   [*]Added: Each module now links to it's location in the Gallery Codex so if your version is out of date you can go get the official version.  This also allows for manual verification of DNE modules that are not in the GitHub.
   [*]Added: GitHub status check along with status check to access the internet outbound from your Gallery installation.
- v4.0 - 2010.11.23
   [*]Fixed: version information during upgrade fixed with v3
   [*]Fixed: comply with with new gallery 3 GitHub naming conventions
   [*]Validated: built against v3.0 final
   [*]Added: dynamically checks the correct GitHub based on the version currently installed (3.0 versus 3.1)
- v5.0 - 2011.01.04
   [*]Fixed: Corrected an installation bug relating to zombie version numbers
   [*]Added: Support for all 3.x versions by using dynamic version checking
   [*]Added: Redesigned information to display version information from all sources
   [*]Added: Links directly to the version's location
   [*]Added: Support for checking module collection
- v7.0 - 2011.01.29
   [*] Fixed: Several bugs relating to the new Community Contributed Modules section
- v8 - 2011.06.23
   [*]Fixed: Bugs relating to the new Community Contributed Modules section & GCC stored modules
   [*]Added: Modules information for the new Gallery 3.0.2 Modules tab
   [*]Added: SPEED! The module checking process is now 60% faster than before thanks to logic updates in the data gathering process.  The decrease in update checking time will be more noticeable as more modules are added. 
- v9 - 2012.02.04 
   [*]Enhancement: Now uses an ini file generated at
- v10 - 2012.02.10 
   [*]Enhancement: Now uses an ini file generated at for core Gallery modules as well.
- v11 - 2012.04.22
   [*]Enhancement: SPEED! Thanks to dmolavi, ModuleUpdates now downloads a ini of modules from GalleryModules and checks versions locally now. Module validation runs much faster now.
   [*]Enhancement: The new system now looks at reported version numbers and if those do not exist it falls back to codex version numbers. This allows a much broader range of modules to be checked than before. You should still add your modules to the Git though. ;)
   [*]Fixed: ModuleUpdates works correctly with Gallery 3.0.3 using the new v11 code.
- v12 - 2012.11.17
   [*]Fixed: Code cleanup thanks to DanielMuller  
   [*]Fixed: The module correctly uses the TMPPATH instead of VARPATH thanks to DanielMuller