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GWT Organize

Alternative to the stock Organize module.
gwt = Google Web Toolkit.


This Module for Gallery 3 is an alternative to the stock Organize module.


  • Editing and adding gallery photos, movies and albums.
  • bulk rotation of items.
  • uploading new photos.
  • reorganizing albums with drag and drop functionality.

Installation / Configuration

This module may be downloaded from the Gallery forums here All you need to do to install is unzip this zip file into your module directory.

Afterwards, log into your Gallery as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.

After activation, you can see the GWT Organize link to organize/edit your items.

It is recommended that you install Google Gears which is used for uploading files. This can be downloaded from here This modules works without google gears but the upload functionality is disabled.

Using this module

The module has two panels a Tree Panel on the left that shows a tree structure of all your galleries, and a view panel on the right that shows the contents of the currently selected gallery.

You can browse your albums by using the tree panel or by double clicking on galleries icons on the view panel to navigate to them.

Right Click on an item in the view panel to edit it in various ways.

Right click away from an item or within the tree panel to upload more photos or to edit the current album

Drag and drop photos from your desktop straight into an album.

Double click on a photo to preview that photo.

Drag and drop photos and albums to move them between parent albums. You can drag them onto either the tree panel on the left or onto an album in the view panel.

If an album is set to manual sorting then you can rearrange the items within it by dragging and dropping them in the spaces between items

Hold down the Ctrl Key to select more than one item.


This module has only been tested fully in Chrome, and Firefox. There are some display issues with it running in IE, though most are cosmetic. Safari on Windows does not support as Google gears so the upload facility is not available on safari, however I believe it works on macs!