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Gallery3:Modules:fisheye menu

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Fisheye Menu

Adds an animated menu at top and bottom of your Gallery3. Macbook users will recognize this from their computer



Cool icons are displayed as G3 links. On mouse over, icons will increase size relative to how close the mouse is. On mouse over a link title is displayed for description of link.

The menus are made sticky so that they fix them selves at top/bottom even on scroll pages.

Note: this modules use z-index: 500 (css in 3D), placing it on top of everything. If you have links placed underneath they may not be accessible.


  • re-model your theme to fit the Fisheye Menu
  • wait for Monochrome Theme - Beta 2 (this theme is fitted to this module and is coming out soon)
  • adjust the setting in the module for height of existing menu.


  • Download the module from: link-above
  • Extract the module to the module directory of your G3 install.
  • Activate the module: Login -> Admin -> Modules. Check the box next to Fisheye Menu. Click update at the bottom of the page.


  • login -> admin -> settings -> Fisheye menu
  • Add the Title and URL for the icon.
  • Select the location (top, bottom, both or none) where the icon should show.
  • Adjust the height if needed for regular menu to give room to the fisheye menu.
  • Save

Reorder of icons?
Edit the icons.txt file. Rearrange the list to the way you want the icons to show.


Icons: Inside images the shown icons must be stored. Default are grayscale/monochrome icons that fits to almost anything. Orange is an alternative icon set that fits well with the G3 logo. Move these icons to images if you prefer these, or create your own from mix folder or other. Graphics are 128x128px. You may use other sizes.

Edit: Files to edit for changing, removing or adding links are placed inside the views folder

  - fisheye_menu_bottom.html.php
  - fisheye_menu_top.html.php