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Favorites / Favourites Album


  • Allows users and guests to create favorites/favourite lists.
  • Adds a toggle star button for each item photo or movie that allow the user to add or remove from their list of favorites/favourites.
  • The user can then view their list of favorites/favourites and then click save to e-mail themselves and optionally the site owner a link to this list.
  • This module was built so that wedding photographers can share an album to a client who can then choose their favourites and inform the photographer.


  • Download and extract the zip file to your modules directory.
  • Activate module: site admin -> modules. Check the box next to the module and save.
  • Go the admin/favourites to configure the module

Configuration Screen

  • From e-mail address for site e-mails - This is the e-mail address that will be the from address on all e-mails sent by this module.
  • Email site owner every saved favourites list - Use this option to determine whether the site owner will receive a copy of each saved favourite list. Generally this should be set to allow the user to inform the site owner of his or her favourites.
  • Email address of Site Owner - Where the emails for the site owner are sent to.
  • Site Owners name - The name of the site owner.
  • Only Registered users can create favourites - Whether this facility is available to all guests or just registered users. It should be noted that if you allow this for all site guests then you may wish to add a recaptcha to the save screen to stop it being used to send spam.
  • Please choose where a user can select their favourites - Choose where the toggle stars appear.
  • Email template - the template used to create the e-mail sent to the user. There are three variables that can be used in this template
    •  %name - swapped with the users name
    •  %owner - swapped with the site owners name
    •  %url - the url pointing to the favourites list