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DownloadAlbum Module

DownloadAlbum will display a link to download a ZIP archive of the current album.


DownloadAlbum is a module for Gallery 3 which will allow you to add a download link to the album pages. This module will only be displayed when the visitor has sufficient privileges to access the full sized version of the photos of the current album.

The ZIP is generated on-the-fly. There is no files, even temporary, stored on the server. The ZIP is generated in a efficient way: it doesn't burn your CPU nor eats your RAM.


  • Allow visitor to download a ZIP archive of an album.
  • Automatically detects if the current visitor has sufficient privileges to download the originals photos of the album and hides its self if that is not the case.

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This module may be downloaded from the Gallery forums here.

To install, extract the "downloadalbum" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder. Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.


* 2010-07-15
  Fix the bug of special char on Linux
* 2010-07-22
  Workaround for a PHP bug ( )
  Workaround for an MSIE bug ( )