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Allows users and guests to leave comments on photos and albums.

This is a standard, default module. It comes with Gallery 3 and is installed and activated by default.

Installation / Configuration

Note: this module is installed and activated by default

  1. Activate Comments module: Admin > Modules
  2. Done.

How to delete comments in bulk

Make sure you backup your database before attempting this. We cannot be held accountable if this messes up your gallery

to delete comments in bulk, you'll need phpmyadmin access so you can browse to the comments table.

1- log in to phpmyadmin
2- browse to the database where gallery is installed
3- click on 'comments' on the left side
4- on the right pane, click the check box for all the comments you wish to delete
5- after you have selected the comments you want to delete, click the red 'X' below the comments
6- you will be asked if you really want to delete the 'yes'

that should be all!


Reverse comment order

edit modules/comments/helpers/comment_theme.php

    ->order_by("created", "ASC")

change to:

    ->order_by("created", "DESC")