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Gallery3:Modules:about this photo

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About this photo

Adds a sidebar block of useful information about the photo. It only displays for image pages.


In Gallery 3 the definition of "metadata" that a theme can display, for example in an overlay, is limited. This is a different approach.
This module is designed so that you should only need one module in the sidebar to show all relevant information about the current image.

"About this photo" displays the following fields:

Data taken

Time taken
IPTC Object Name
IPTC Caption

Image Tags

If you want different or more IPTC fields, the module is easy to modify.
Discuss the module here

Data Requirements

This module assumes that the image had the IPTC Object Name and Caption fields filled in when it was uploaded, and that the IPTC module was enabled at upload and still is enabled. The EXIF module is required for the date and time fields. You will probably want to edit the sidebar contents so that these plugins don't display there, as they will overlap with this module.
If your images don't have embedded IPTC, and you have entered Title and Description directly into Gallery3, and want to use this module, then you will have to edit it to use these fields rather than IPTC fields.

Screen shots

About this photo.png


This module may be downloaded from the Gallery modules here.

To install, extract the "about_this_photo" folder from the zip file into your Gallery 3 modules folder.
Afterwards log into your Gallery web site as an administrator and activate the module in the Admin -> Modules menu.


If you want the height and width of the original add:

    <td><?= t("Resolution: ") ?></td><td><?= $item->width ?>x<?= $item->height ?></td>

to about_this_photo.html.php around line 23.

Similar module: Gallery3:Modules:about_this_album