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Troubleshooting Gallery 2

More links on troubleshooting Gallery 2: Category:Gallery 2:Troubleshooting

Do this first

  1. Clear your Gallery caches! - See FAQ: How can I clear cached data?
  2. Ensure the Gallery application files are intact! - FAQ: How can I make sure that my installation files are all intact?
  3. Clear your web-browser caches (cookies, page cache)!
  4. Enable 'buffered' debug mode to ensure that no important warnings or details are hidden

Important Note: If you are not logged in as administrator, you need to enable 'buffered' debug mode to see the error name and the details. See: FAQ: How to enable Gallery's debug mode?. If 'buffered' debug mode does not show anything, you can try the 'immediate' or 'logged' debug mode.

Troubleshooting by...

You can either try to find your specific issue by looking for a specific 'error name' or by locating your issue in the categorized symptoms.

Error Name

Do you get the error just when browsing to the frontpage of your Gallery? If the error only occurs when browsing to a specific page / album or when attempting a special action, you should first try to 'troubleshoot by symptom / attempted action' (see below).

Symptom / Attempted Action

Please try to locate your issue in the below categorization. And don't forget that the debug mode can show a lot more information about a problem than you'd see without.




Videos / Flash

Adding Items / Albums / Upload


See FAQ: I can't login anymore, what can I do?

Toolkits / Module Activation



Translation / Localization