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  • Author: John Phillips
  • Doctype: XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Colorpack compatible: yes
  • Image frame compatible: no
  • Optimized for embedded G2: yes (e.g. for Drupal)
  • SVN File list
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NZDI Theme

The NZDI theme, originally designed for NZ Digital Images (hence the name), is a theme with minimal user-interface and thus designed to be embedded in Drupal and tested on Drupal 4.6, 4.7 and 5.x (should work on other CMS as well).

It is available for Gallery 2.1.x and above.

Key Features

User defined from the admin interface:

  • Color Pack support.
  • Previous / Next arrows on Image hover.
  • Open full size image in pop-up window. Ideal for panoramic images in a fixed width embedded environment.
  • Strip of thumbnail preview of album on Photo Pages (thumbnail size can be defined).
  • Show Gallery Breadcrumbs. Great when your CMS integration won't support breadcrumbs for Gallery.
  • Opens fullsize images in a popup to ensure a fixed-width/-height user-experience

Unsupported Features:

  • The theme is not designed with image frames support, but uses css to change the border colour around the image on hover.
  • Currently does not contain any Translation files.

Recommended Configuration - Drupal

Disable the CSS file that comes with the drupal module as all classes have been defined in theme. The easiest way is to replace with a empty text file of the same name.