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Gallery2:Themes:How To

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These procedures may not apply directly to your specific theme as configuration options and settings change from theme to theme. In addition to browsing this list, try searching the Gallery Forums which contain a lot of useful information regarding themes.

Note: Be sure to disable template caching when editing templates (.tpl files). Else you need to clear your template cache to see the change taking effect. Site Admin -> Performance - The template cache was introduced in Gallery 2.3.

If you came up with a useful howto, please add it to the list!


  1. Add a site banner or remove Gallery Logo?
  2. Style album/photo text?
  3. Position/reposition items?
  4. Hide/remove the sidebar?
  5. Add my site’s style sheet?
  6. Install new themes?
  7. Upgrade a theme? Bump a theme’s API version?
  8. Remove Gallery, HTML, Release badges?
  9. Setup image blocks?
  10. How To Add Google Analytics to my Gallery 2
  11. How To Embed a Google adsense banner on top
  12. How To Embed a Hit Counter
  13. How do I Remove the Root Album Link in the BreadCrumb
  14. How to change the rating modules star images
  15. How to add Lightbox JS, a JavaScript that overlays images over pages, to a Gallery 2 Theme
  16. How to display an item's custom fields next to its thumbnail in an album
  17. How To Use Thumbnails for the Sub Album List
  18. How to display Username and not Fullname in Comments
  19. How to Achieve an Embossed Watermark
  20. How to add custom stuff on main/root page
  21. How to Copy an Existing Theme


  1. How to change the default settings of the slideshow

Embedding / Integrating

  1. How to integrate Gallery 2 into your CMS site
  2. Visually embed Gallery in your own website by editing theme templates
  3. Visually embed G2 in your own website using embedded mode
  4. How to Use A Separate Theme For WPG2
  5. How I integrated the slider theme into my website
  6. How to Embed Gallery 2 in Drupal