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Upload Applet Module

Upload a collection of images easily per drag and drop in your browser.


Adds Upload Applet tab in Add Items to use a java applet for adding items to the gallery. Requires Remote module.

This applet is based on the same code as Gallery Remote. If you encounter problems with this module, it may be useful to check the Gallery Remote FAQ. To discuss problems with the module, please use the Gallery Remote forum.


  • Install and activate the (Gallery) Remote module.
  • Install and activate the Upload Applet module.
  • Browse to an album, click "Add items" and click on the "Upload Applet" tab.
  • Users need the Java Runtime installed on their desktop computer.


  • Upload a large number of photos / files at once to your Gallery.
  • Use the built-in mini file explorer to add files.
  • Or drag and drop files into your browser with your mouse.
  • Same user-interface as the standalone Gallery Remote application.