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A plugin to handle transcoding options for videos.


A toolkit like ffmpeg is required to perform the processing. Once a transcoded derivative exists Flash Video Render will be able to display it.
NOTE: This is currently only a patch, and is currently under review. The required changes to ffmpeg happened in revision 17614 and are available in G2.3rc1 or better.


  • Currently only transcodes to flash video


  • Transcode Item Edit Tab
  • Transcode on upload

Requested Features

  • Flip, mirror, and rotate videos when transcoding
  • Transcode audio files to mp3
  • Transcode videos to formats other than flash video


  • Videos may have multi-channel audio (i.e. Dolby Digital 5.1) that can not be downmixed to stereo.
    • If Transcoding fails, it will retry without audio.
    • Typical videos created by digitial cameras, digital camcorders, and camera phones should not have this problem.
    • "Ripped" DVDs and downloaded movie trailers are more likely to have this problem.