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Slideshow Applet Module

Adds menu link to launch java applet for display of a full screen slideshow. Requires Remote module.


The slideshow applet complements other slideshows with a more feature-full approach: the slideshow uses Java, which enables it to use the entire screen of the computer displaying the slideshow. It also allows more customization of how the slideshow will be displayed, and is able to display sharper pictures.


  • the Remote module must be enabled (the slideshow applet uses it to pull data from your Gallery)
  • the client computer must have Java (1.4 or higher) installed and the browser must be able to run Java applets
  • for better performance, ImageMagick should also be installed on the client computer

Tips and tricks

The administrator of the Gallery can pre-set some features of the slideshow applet. The features can also be forced, so that users will not be able to override them. In particular, the administrator can elect to prevent users from downloading full-resolution pictures, because of the required bandwidth.

When running under Java 1.6, the slideshow applet can use OpenGL for smooth transitions between pictures. For that to work, some settings need to be entered into the Java control panel of the client computer:

  • open the Java control panel
  • on the Java tab, click the top (Applet Runtime Settings) View... button
  • in the Java Runtime Parameters for the 1.6 (or later) JRE, enter -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true

Since the slideshow applet is based on Gallery Remote, you can use this FAQ for tweaking and troubleshooting.