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Windows Publishing Module (publishxp)

  • Windows XP: Add items right from Windows Explorer with the "Publish to the web" option.
  • Windows Vista: Add items from "Windows Photo Gallery" with the print option.


Windows XP

Adds Windows XP tab in Add Items with instructions for setting up "Publish this file to the web" function in Windows XP to talk to Gallery. With this module you can publish files with Windows' Internet Publishing Wizard.

Once this module is activated, it will allow you to download a .reg file to merge into their Windows XP registry. Once merged, you can use the "publish to the web" option in Windows XP file explorer (make sure you selected "Show common tasks in folders" under Tools / Folder Options) on image(s) and folder(s).

It's all illustrated at: How to add items from Windows XP

Windows Vista Compatibility

The version of this module in G2.2 is not compatible with Windows Vista. Please upgrade to the latest version of this module from the experimental plugin repository. See: Installing Additional Components


In Windows Vista, there is no "Windows Publishing Wizard" in Windows Explorer as in XP. But you can reach the publishing functionality another way:

  1. As with XP, download and execute the registry file from Gallery 2.
  2. Open "Windows Photo Gallery" or "Windows Live Photo Gallery" (not confirmed with "Live")
  3. Select one or more photos/files in your Windows Photo Gallery
  4. Click "Print..." and select the online printing option (as opposed to the local printing option).
  5. Select the Gallery 2 printing service.


Note that if you want to remove this site later (because your website url has changed, or you do not use gallery anymore) you will need to remove the following registry key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\PublishingWizard\PublishingWizard\Providers\[URL_OF_YOUR_GALLERY_SITE].