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FireStats is a web statistics system with Gallery2 support. You can see a live demo of FireStats here

Some of the features of FireStats:

  • Cool Ajax UI
  • Basic hit statistics (hits ever, in last 24 days etc)
  • Recent popular pages
  • Recent referrers
  • Browsers and OS
  • IP to country - know where your visitors are surfing from
  • Search engine keywords
  • A detailed list of recent hits
  • Filter bots

And more..


  1. Follow the standalone installation instructions for FireStats
  2. Add a new site for your Gallery installation inside the Sites management tab in FireStats (See this for more information)
  3. Set the path to FireStats, and the site-id of the site you created in the module configuration page

That's it, FireStats should start showing hits from your Gallery.

Please report any bugs or enhancement requests here.