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FFmpeg Module

A toolkit for processing movies


When the FFmpeg module is active, G2 generates thumbnails for movies automatically. Also, it detects the dimensions of movies automatically such that no further configuration is required when using the embedded movie player for movie items.

The FFmpeg module depends on the ffmpeg binary.


  • Generates thumbnails for movie items automatically
  • Adds a film reel watermark on all movie item thumbnails (optional)
  • Detects movie dimensions automatically on item upload


  • Download the module from the download page if necessary. The minimal package of G2 doesn't include this module.
  • See: Installing Modules with External Dependencies.
  • Install and activate the module in "Site admin" -> "Modules" -> Graphics Toolkits
  • If you have the Thumbnail Manager plugin installed, then check "Site admin" -> "Thumbnails" and ensure that you remove the default thumbnail for the video mimetypes. Failure to do this will cause the FFmpeg module to never be called to generate a thunbnail.
  • If G2 can't detect the location of the FFmpeg binary on your server automatically, you have to configure the module. In this case, most probably the FFmpeg binary is not available on your server. See the ffmpeg installation instructions. If you are on a shared webhosting plan, please ask your administrator / support staff whether FFmpeg is installed or if they would install it.
  • If you are using Mac OS X for development/test/webserver and you have Gallery2 installed on it, use the steps listed below to get and install the ffmpeg binary and to configure the ffmpeg Gallery2 module:
  1. Download ffmpeg [1]
  2. Open the .dmg package
  3. Control-click on and select "Show Package Contents"
  4. Find Contents/Resources/ffmpeg
  5. Copy ffmpeg to somewhere like /usr/local/bin
  6. Set the path to the ffmpeg binary in Gallery2 (e.g., /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg)
  7. Test the configuration which should report "Passed" and a list of supported MIME file types that the module will support
  8. Save the configuration for the module
  9. Activate the module
  • To enable the optional film reel watermark for movie thumbnails, go to "Site admin" -> "Ffmpeg" (in the "Graphics Toolkits" category) and activate the option. (not available in G 2.0, download the latest version of the ffmpeg module and / or G2)

Requested Features

- More MimeTypes support (3gp, mp4, ogg, swf etc.) All which ffmpeg2theora can support.


Currently there are no known issues for this module.

  • G 2.0 had an FFmpeg bug for FFmpeg versions 0.4.9 and later. This was fixed on 2005/10/22. Get the latest version of the ffmpeg module or G2)


  • If the FFmpeg module is not active, you have to set the dimensions of each movie item manually in "edit movie", else you won't get the embedded movie player feature of G2 for this item.