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Favourites (Favorites) Album


Adds a link for each item (eg. photo and album) Add xxx to favourites. Also adds a new systemLink for registered users to see a dynamic album of all the items they've marked in this way. Anonymous users (guests) can (configurably) also be shown an "add to favourites" link too, which shows a message encouraging them to register on the site. There is also an administration page where site admins can set per-theme options for the display of the favourites album, as well as view individual users' collections of favourites.


  • Currently localised for en_US (favorites) and en_GB (favourites)
  • Serbanc has developed a small block that can be added on the photo/album pages, that displays the list of users that added that item to their favourites.

also a romanian .po translation - see this post:


  • install/activate the module
  •, that's it!
  • there is a URL_rewrite - format is Activate this as per usual in the url_rewrite admin page.


  • Install from the "get more plugins" admin page. This module is located in the community repository.

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