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Makes Gallery able to read the data that is embedded in photos taken by most digital cameras. This information can be displayed in the gallery and used to automatically set some fields in newly added items.


  • Displays the EXIF/IPTC metadata from image files
  • Automatically reads the date/time for newly added photos and sets this field in the gallery item
  • Can be configured to read the EXIF orientation field and automatically rotate newly uploaded photos accordingly
  • Can be configured to read particular EXIF/IPTC fields and use these to populate item title, summary, description or keywords for newly uploaded photos


  • Install and activate the module in site admin -> plugins
  • If you already have photos in your Gallery, you may wish to visit site admin -> maintenance and run the Refresh capture dates task. This will attempt to read the EXIF date from all photos already in the gallery and set the date/time field for the gallery items.
  • Configure settings in site admin -> EXIF/IPTC
    • Select the data to display in the summary and detail views
    • Select data to look for in newly uploaded photos
  • Add the EXIF/IPTC photo info block to your photo pages in site admin -> themes -> matrix (or for any other active/used theme)

Also see: Exif Module Development