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Gallery2:Known Issues

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Please also take a look at the G2 FAQ.

Known Issues

  • ImageMagick 6.2.4 - This version may fail to watermark images (no errors reported, watermarks simply don't appear). Workaround: upgrade ImageMagick or use a different toolkit module (like NetPBM).
  • PHP 5.2.0RC2 - G2 does not work with this release candidate (probably RC1 too, not tested). The bug in PHP has been reported and was fixed for PHP 5.2.0 final. RC2 workaround
  • Toolkit Priority missing - If some toolkit(s) don't appear in Site Admin / Toolkit Priority or if the Toolkit Priority link does not appear at all then deactivate ALL toolkits and reactivate. This bug has been fixed so it should not occur again, but this reactivation is required to fix existing cases.
  • SELinux is also known to not work with G2 out of the box. See Gallery2:Installation on a SELinux Server for further information. G2 user 'Komacke' seems to have solved the problem and is running SELinux and G2 successfully on the same machine. See this post for a possible solution. For database (e.g. postgres) related SELinux issues, see this post. You wouldn't be the first to not get it working, see this, this, this, and that.
  • Microsoft IIS doesn't work with PHP-CGI since Gallery 2.2 due to a PHP/IIS bug. Microsoft recommends FastCGI and doesn't support PHP-CGI. Please use mod_php or fastcgi with IIS instead. You can still use PHP-CGI (and mod_php or fastcgi) with Apache though.
  • Too many open files - You get a PHP Warning Warning: fopen(/some/path): failed to open stream: Too many open files in... along with a G2 ERROR_PLATFORM_FAILURE when adding a lot of new items. E.g. like this user.
  • McAfee Security Center may block some images if the Anti Abuse index is turned on, particularly for a multisite install of G2. McAfee autoupdates may reactivate this setting after it is turned off.
  • Turkish locale with PHP 5.x - PHP 5.x has a bug that will not be fixed that prevents G2 from working in Turkish. Workaround: use a patch (see forum entry of date 2007-09-07 for details) or use PHP 4.x. Note that as of 2009-01-17 this is fixed in PHP 6 dev snapshots, so will likely work properly on PHP 6 once PHP 6 is released.
  • Install on Mac OS X may get "Cannot redeclare class galleryutilities" - A problem with some PHP builds on Mac OS X can cause this error in the G2 installer. Upgrading to at least OS 10.4.x may help.
  • Fatal error: Trying to clone an uncloneable object of class mysqli - If this error occurs you must turn off the zend.ze1_compatibility_mode setting in your PHP configuration.
  • Mysql 4.0.15 on Windows - Some versions of Mysql on Windows before version 4.0.16 had a bug which can affect G2, particularly with imageblock module, like this user
  • Change to SEQUENCE support in ADOdb's DB2 driver The SEQUENCE support in ADOdb's DB2 driver file has been improved. Instead of being emulated using a single-column table, it now uses an actual SEQUENCE object. Moving from 2.1.x to the updated ADOdb files in current SVN/nightly snapshot or a future release will break the existing Gallery2 database.


  • Win98 - Mysql on win98 may generate warnings like this: Warning: (null)(): 1 result set(s) not freed. Use mysql_free_result to free result sets which were requested using mysql_query() in Unknown on line 0, like this user
  • File Permission Issues - A lot of users have a g2data dir with subdirs / files that are not writable by the webserver. We've added a file permission check in the system checks step after RC-1. But the question remains, if it's really always a user error (moved account, lost permissions) or if the files / dirs actually are created by G2 with permissions such that not even itself has write permission.
  • Performance - There are still some tweaks that we can make to have it go faster..
  • Slow image downloads - Some configurations (Debian/Apache?) have a 5-10 delay in showing images after the download appears to complete. See this bug for details and a workaround. Please add a note in that tracker with your system details if you experience this problem.
  • SMTP email error - If you get an error during the email test in Site Admin -> General, it can be due to various reasons. If you see Server response: 550 Invalid greeting in your debug output, then there is a simple solution. If it's another error and you need to use the SMTP settings, try leaving some of the SMTP options empty. E.g. try it without a password set, etc. Please also read Having Trouble Sending Mail?.
  • Error (ERROR_UNKNOWN) : Could not send mail to ... On linux, if you get this error when testing the send mail functionality under the Administration > General category, check that you have sendmail installed (See Php mail configuration for more information). Note that if you cant send mail certain modules won't work properly (ie: Registration won't work without disabling email notifications)
  • Errors on all pages when using Oracle - If you are using G2.1 or later you might get errors on all G2 pages because the g_data column of the g2_SessionMap database table is too short in our Oracle configuration. Solution:
    • truncate table g2_SessionMap;
    • alter table g2_SessionMap drop column g_data;
    • alter table g2_SessionMap add (g_data CLOB);
    • G2 should now run without errors. If it works for you, please let us know. We don't have any active Oracle testers right now.
  • Errors adding ZIP of images or Picasa import - Many people have reported problems when uploading ZIP archives created by WinZIP that contain subdirectories. The problem is a bug in G2 that is seen because WinZIP creates the directory entries inside the ZIPfile in an unusual order. The new Picasa2 module in G2.1 can encounter the same problem. The bug is fixed in current CVS and also in an upcoming 2.1.1 release. Workarounds for now:
    • Create your archives with a tool other than WinZIP, or
    • Don't use the "Add to Zip..." explorer shell extensions - create an empty archive with WinZIP and manually add the files and subdirectories you choose.
  • Using DB2 with IIS - In order to make the 'ibm_db2' PHP (PECL) extension work on the Microsoft IIS server, see the simple instructions at the very bottom of PECL bug 8769 (
  • Cursor under icon in user/password login box with Opera 8 - In Gallery 2.1 + Opera we had these icons on the right to workaround a bug with textbox padding in Opera 8; in Gallery 2.2 we opted to move the icons back to the left, as this now works with Opera 9.

Installation Errors

See our page for Installation Errors.

Upgrades from Old Versions

  • Text Truncation with MySQL - If your Gallery has some international characters (umlauts, Asian characters, Cyrillic, ...), the Gallery upgrade could truncate your item descriptions, comments and other text in case your database server has been upgraded after you initially installed Gallery. Please read more about the issue at: Bug 1593272.
  • MySQL Collations - In the upgrade from older version to G2.1 or newer step 3 (core module upgrade) might fail for some users with a error similar to "Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE)". For a solution, please see: MySQL Upgrade Issue - UTF-8.
  • Login Problems - Before beta-4 of G2.0 there were known login / session problems. As a consequence of our fix for this problem, you and all your Gallery users have to delete old GALLERYSID cookie(s) in your browser if Gallery seems to ignore login requests.
  • URL Rewrite upgrade - Upgrade from some older versions of the Rewrite module may leave a .htaccess file in place that is incompatible with the current code. If after upgrade you can no longer see thumbnails or navigate into subalbums then visit URL Rewrite site admin and click Save on the Rules tab to resave .htaccess and bring it up to date.
  • Multisite config.php - The multisite system has changed and as a result, old style multisite config.php files are no longer supported. Follow these steps to move your sites to the new system:
    • Replace any symlinks created for multisite support with real directories and/or remove any .htaccess files that were setup to redirect requests from a multisite directory to the Gallery 2 codebase.
    • Examine your config.php file and learn the basics of its structure. You will find multiple complete single configurations that each start with <?php and end with ?>, with some additional content above, below and between these sections.
    • Copy each configuration in the combined file into separate single files. Each new file should have <?php as the very first line and ?> as the very last line with no extra spaces or blank lines at the top or bottom, and there should be only one of each of these tags. Place each new single config.php in the multisite directory for that site. The case 'domain/path': line just above each configuration in the combined file will help you determine which config.php goes in which multisite directory. Note that this "case" line does not go in the new config.php file. The last configuration in the combined file has default: just above it instead of "case". Rename the combined file to something else and put this last configuration in place as the config.php in this directory.
    • Now access the primary site and run through the upgrader. Make sure everything is working correctly with this site.
    • For each additional site follow this process: browse to install/index.php of the primary site. In step 3 enter the path to the multisite directory to update. After this step you should see some new files in the multisite directory, including upgrade/index.php. At this point stop using the installer and browse to upgrade/index.php for this site (not the primary site). Step through the upgrader to the upgrade core module step. After the core upgrade completes manually edit the config.php for this site. At the bottom you will find a galleryBaseUrl setting. Enter the URL for the primary site here, ending with a /. For example, or Note this is the URL for the primary site, not the site you are currently upgrading. Save this change and finish the remaining steps of the upgrader. Make sure this site now works correctly.
  • Theme upgrade - In beta-4 of G2.0 all layouts have been replaced with the new theme system. During the upgrade process the layout setting on all albums is cleared and the site-wide default theme is set to matrix. You'll have to reselect the default theme and any album specific settings to restore the layout configuration in place prior to this upgrade.
  • View names - In beta-4 of G2.0 the naming convention for views changed from using a colon separator to a period (core:ShowItem is now core.ShowItem). All Gallery code has been updated but there are a few places you should check to make sure your site is up to date:
    • Local tpl files: make sure to update all view names in your customized templates. Compare to the current version of the default tpls if needed.
    • External imageblock: update imageblock:External to imageblock.External in any uses of this feature.
    • PublishXP: Select 'add items' / Windows XP and follow the directions to update your registry so it will reflect the new view name.