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Gallery 2 Integrations

Gallery 2 can be embedded seamlessly into your website. While you can customize an existing theme to make G2 match the look and feel of your website, you can also functionally integrate G2 into your website. G2 is designed to be easily embedded in other applications and offers an interface such that your website / PHP-driven application can talk to it.

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Available Gallery 2 Integrations

List of available integrations for Gallery 2 in alphabetical order.

Explanations and abbreviations
  • CMS: Content Management System
  • Portal: Portal Website
  • Framework: Web Application Framework
  • Blog: Blog tool / weblog platform
  • Forum: Discussion forums / Bulletin Boards
  • Wiki: Wikipedia-like websites to organize articles
  • Groupware: Definition from Wikipedia - Software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve their goals. Share calendars, forums, wikis, etc.
  • State:
    • Alpha = early development version
    • Beta = development version close to stable final product
    • Obsolete = not compatible with any stable G2 version
    • stable = ready for production websites


 Comment: This was initially a phpBB 2.2 integration, but the author decided to support the 
 phpBB 2.2 fork "OCBB". Not much has happened since, so this alpha (unstable) integration might 
 work with phpBB 2.2 too)


 You have to have an account on to view it - which means you have to have a 
 vB license to view it to stay in compliance w/ vB's EULA