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Gallery2:Get More Plugins

From Gallery Codex

Site Admin -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins can be used to download (install), modify (e.g. select more language packs) and upgrade Gallery 2 modules and themes.

Watch the How To Install Plugins Video (0.7 MB)

1. Selecting Repositories

A plugin repository is a collection of modules and themes. You can configure Gallery to only consider modules and themes for the repositores that you want. There are three different repositories:

  • Officially Released Gallery Project plugins (recommended)
These modules and themes are considered stable and have beed audited for seurity issues.
  • Experimental Gallery Project plugins (cool new features, might be buggy)
These are the newer development versions of official Gallery modules and themes. They will be available in the "officially released" repository after a period. Some of these plugins have not been audited for security yet, but all of them should be of nearly the same quality as officially released versions.
  • Community plugins (use at your own risk!)
Modules and Themes developed by your fellow Gallery users. These plugins are usually not as robust and stable as the official plugins and have not undergone an official security audit either. While some of these plugins might be just as good or even better than official modules, some might lack in quality.

2. Update the List of Available Plugins

Click on Download Plugin List / (Update plugin List) to update your Gallery's list of available plugins. You should download the plugin list every once in a while to check if there are new plugins and whenever you changed your repository selection.

3. Download, Modify and Upgrade Plugins

Once you have a current plugins list, it shows you for each compatible plugin the available options:

  • download - Download, install and activate new modules and themes with a mouse-click!
  • modify - Select and download additional language packs for modules and themes that you already have.
  • upgrade - Download a new version for your modules and themes and upgrade automatically.