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Supported MIME Types

  • You can upload any filetype to G2
  • G2 generates for the following filetypes thumbnails and webviewable and resized images
    • imagemagick: gif, jpg, jp2 (jpeg 2000), png, tga, tiff, svg, bmp, pdf, eps, psd, pcd, wmf
    • netpbm: jpeg, gif, png, tiff, bmp, pnm,
    • gd: gifm jpeg, png, wbmp, xpm, xbm
    • ffmpeg: mpeg, asf, avi, mov, wmv (containers), and various codecs (mpeg2, mpeg4 (incl. h264), wmv, quicktime, ... whatever ffmpeg supports)
    • dcraw: various raw formats (nikon, canon, ...)
  • You can add thumbnail / webviewable image support for any filetype by creating your own G2 module which handles this filetype. All you need is a php function or an external binary (program) which can handle this filetype.
  • You can upload separate / custom thumbnail for any filetype. So if G2 can't generate thumbnails for a specific filetype, you can still upload your own thumbnail for the file
  • And you can specify default thumbnails for any filetype, if G2 is unable to generate thumbnails for this filetype
  • If you need thumbnail generation support for a filetype that is handled by an existing G2 tookit (imagemagick, netpbm, gd, ffmpeg, dcraw), but we don't support it yet, you can file a feature request and we will add support for it

Requested Features

The contents of this page are out of date. Some of the listed requested features have already been implemented and the list of requested features / most requested features hasn't been updated since a long time. Also, there is now Gallery's sfvote page to give our users the opportunity to vote for their preferred features, tasks and bugs to give the development team an idea of what should be done next.

G2 Feature Matrix

Requested features organized by category and module for G2.


find binaries with whereis
new module spellchecker for captions
new module auth_perl link
new module ldap authentication link
new module standard content storage api link
new moudle advanced mirror link
enhance module registration default permissions
enhance module quotas user/group/album bandwidth control
clear all permissions
allow/require SSL client auth
enhance module core protected user accounts
new documentation core php security setup

Graphics Toolkits

new module mplayer movie thumbs via mplayer


enhance module imageblock more than one image per block
new module javascript custom block link
new module lcd picture frame block integrate with LCD picture frames


enhance module cart order cd option
new module way to sell reprints link
new module oscommerce integration link


enhance module slideshow recursive option
enhance module slideshow configure options in site admin
enhance module slideshow music in background
enhance module slideshow custom slideshow
enhange module thumbnail manager thumbnail for unknown types
enhance module watermarks bulk watermarking
enhance module watermarks text field watermarks
enhance module albumselect album index
enhance module newitems new since last visit per user
enhance module imageframe css drop shadows
new module colorpack css style switcher


show subalbum links in matrix and others
new theme timeline
new theme calendar
new theme customizable information page
new theme dated diary
wap compatabile
new theme directory style browsing
crazy css thing
new layout hide all text
css floating items for variable column number

Extra Data

enhance module custom fields more user data
enhance module custom fields no number limitation
enhance module user info timezone
enhance module user info more info
enhance module comments view all comments
enhance module comments view comments since last visit
enhance module comments comment authorization
enhance module comments groupable comments
enhance module comments add author field
new module? voice memos voice memos on items
new module? albumdata album specific metadata
new module voting link
enhance module EXIF parser exif edit and search
enhance module EXIF parser iptc lossless editing
enhance module EXIF parser exif and iptc synching
enhance module EXIF parser GPS information


enhance module migration auto import descriptions
enhance module webcam autorefresh
enhance module webcam archive images
enhance module migration ignore G1 permissions
enhance module migration import G1 layout
specify item position when adding
post upload review
keyword checklist
templated description
import from camera
create offline version
generate dvd
linking with other installs
new module xml rss/rdf/etc access
new module scheduler queue up items to add
new module pdf generate a pdf
new module upload by email link
descript.ion file upload
smarter URL slurp
upload a zip of images
enhance module core per user upload folders
bulk import by EXIF date
new module walkthrough lead users through some steps
enhance module import symlink files


enhancement Add a progress bar to the system checks, install core and install other modules steps
enhancement Improve according to the usability study report
enhancement Improve DB step for DB2 (Data Source Name field instead of DB/Host)

Pending Categorizaztion

mass mail users
allow markup on shutterfly
enhance module zipcart limit
show thumbnails for private albums
editable Album: prefix text
make urls clickable automatically
present licensing options
move items into
explain item dates
image rating
max zip file size for downloading from gallery
simple annotation by text file
let each user choose an image size
permissions summary and detail exif permissions
view by invitation
dynamic image resizing with caching
tag content elements with class names
customizale prefixes
provide option for click item action
user favorites
multiple versions of items
option to not count certain users views
stats last N newest/updated
stats stats module
full sized images on different server
type in graphic/bot protection
navigate to next/previous in edit views
restrict number of user albums
slashdot style filtering by rating
admin definable item types per user/group
linking images with multiple dropdowns
background processing of all items
email notification
true progress bar for uploads
use vector graphics for gui
un attended install
custom breaks
batch adding of keywords
burn as vcd
detect duplicate images
separate gallery and images
ability to post news
individual items in popup window
add hyperlinks as items
dropdown jump to nested
list of related items
context sensitive annotation (FOAF)
content buffering
auto expire albums/items
automate uploading captions, moderation
most recently modified descendent
trash can for deleted items
javascript preload of next image

Most Requested Features

These are the features that we have seen many requests for, and whatever we can tell you about them. Once something is implemented, we will make a note of it on this page and delete the entire item at the release after next.

For the current tracker of Feature Requests that have not been reviewed in full yet, have a look at the Tracker. Most of the items in the tracker are categorized so if you can't find the feature you have in mind, try limiting your search to a category and browsing through it. Items for Gallery 2 are marked with a [G2] tag.


  • Admin Authorization - ability for an admin to approve pictures or comments before they are visible.
  • Preview Mode - add permissions to allow viewing of thumbnails in an album but not letting people click on them without logging in.


  • Specify Format - specify file format for thumb/sized images


  • Other file formats - 3gp/.3gp, bitmap/.bmp, svg/.svg pdf/.pdf, flash/.swf, quicktime/.mov, postscript/.ps, mp3/.mp3, ogg/.ogg tiff/.tif, windowsmedia/.wmv,.asf have thumbnails/previews for all of them and embed relevant ones for display. Also support user-customizable file formats to display with a custom applet or something similar.
  • Image protection - protect images with a transparent gif over them from saving, prevent hotlinking, etc
  • Basic Image Editing - Greyscale, Masking, Brightness, Sharpness, color levels, applying preset filters, etc. probably won't be in G2 but you never know..

Mirroring Albums

  • Mirroring Albums


  • Import/Export - the ability to import and export albums or the whole gallery as a single file with all of the pictures and all information from the gallery, for backup,moving things between installations, and allowing users to download a .zip/.tgz/.tar/.tar.gz. Let Gallery use (anononymous/authenticated) FTP to upload images as well as export images. Also do folder recursion for nested albums.
  • Item Adding - Item uploading via email or by watching a directory.


  • Third Party Integration - phpWebSite, phpBB 2.2, phpWeblog, vbulletin, !TikiWiki, XOOPS, cpgnuke, Xaraya, IBP, cpgnuke, YaBB, invision, WBurning Board, myPhpNuke, e107, Typo3, UBB, phpgroupware/egroupware, vbPortal random block,


  • Customizable Text - customizable colors, fonts, etc. for editable text. comments, captions, etc. some sort of wizard for choosing stuff?
  • More Information in thumbnail view - original filesize, number of the thumbnail (for moving picture purposes)

Visitor Experience

  • Mail this page to a friend
  • Print Services,, HP Photo,, snapfish, the code is there already on


  • Summary Page - all thumbs or photos on one page
  • Searching - search for new pics and ability to edit captions/keywords as an admin ala the usual edit_captions interface, move albums from results, slideshow of results, etc. basically, treat search results as a "dynamic album"

Requesting More Features

If the feature you want is not on this list and isn't already a feature, submit a new feature request here and someone will look over it as soon as possible. Make sure to tag it in the summary with [G2]