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Gallery2:2.3 Release Blockers

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Release Blockers

  • None! Release scheduled for Oct-15, 2008.

Will not fix or cannot reproduce prio-7+ bugs

  • 1593272 [G2] mysql conversion to UTF-8 deletes data during upgrade
  • 1564288 [G2] Upload applet loses credentials

Completed Items

(Old discussions: review 606 and discussions on gallery-devel. The patch from review doesn't really help. This should be discussed further (with ozgreg), maybe without valiant since he's busy with his thesis and moving to the USA.) (User:valiant)


Gallery 2.3 will be released once all blockers are fixed / completed. The feature freeze is in effect since summer/fall 2007, with the exception for minor changes/additions and the language manager. After the feature freeze, bugs will be fixed, regression tests will be conducted.

More About Gallery 2.3 Development

See: Roadmap of Gallery 2.3 - Note that the roadmap has been defined at the beginning of the development cycle of Gallery 2.3 and is superseded by this document here.