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Gallery1:Development Schedule

From Gallery Codex

Gallery 2 is the future: It is already leading in downloads and bug/feature/support requests, and most of our users are either switching over to or starting out on Gallery 2. Developers have been switching from one to the other and so far, only one developer remains actively working on Gallery 1. However, we know that Gallery 1 is still important to a lot of you: It works without a database and with all of the customizations that you've worked on for years. What follows is Jens' plan for the winding down of Gallery 1.

The minimum plan is to integrate two features into Gallery 1.6+ and then stop active development:

  • Group support
  • Mass editing

We don't know which specific versions will get these features, but you can expect them sometime before the end of active development.

After Active Development Ends

The end of the development does not signify the end of support for Gallery 1.x. We will continue to fix major bugs and put out security updates for a year following the last feature release. The forums will stay open for Gallery 1 issues. (We have no intention of ever shutting off the G1 forums or deleting or hiding any posts.)

If you have input on this, please follow the usual channels of bug reports, feature requests, forum topics, or pestering ckdake on IRC. Thanks!