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Gallery1:Creating an Offline Copy

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A new feature in Gallery 1.3.4 is offline browsing, designed to assist you when using tools like wget or httrack to make an offline version of your gallery. This can be for cutting a CD, keeping on your home machine, putting on a site that doesn't have PHP installed or any other purpose for which you might want a static version of your gallery.

Offline browsing gives you two things: it removes links that don't make sense in a static gallery (like "Login" and "Add Comment"), and does not display links to albums in the tree above the current album, unless that has been visited already in this session. In other words, you can just download an album and it's sub-albums, and not the whole tree if you want.


To move Gallery into off line mode, simply add set_offline=true to any gallery URL, e.g. To stop using offline mode, then use set_offline=false


To download an entire, non-password protected gallery using wget

   wget -r -k --html-extension ''

To download an album from a password protected gallery using httrack

   httrack -%F "" -K0 " \
    &login=Login&set_offline=true" \

To download an album from a password protected gallery using wget

   wget --proxy=off --cookies=on \
    '' \


You need to give the URL of your gallery directory to httrack, or it won't download images. So add a .htaccess file to prevent directory listing to your albums directory (i.e. "Options -Indexes") Note

The domain you give must be the same as the one you defined during configuration. eg if you put the domain as, then will not work.