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Certified Web Hosts

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This page is under construction. It can in no way be taken as representative of any Gallery web host certification program past, present, or future

Gallery has hundreds of thousands of users, many of whom have been referred to hosting providers through our Web Hosting Referral list.

Because of the amount of interest from hosting providers wishing to be listed on our referral page and our desire to ensure the best possible experience for Gallery users, we have developed a formal web hosting referral program.

A formal web hosting referral program provides

  • A reliable Gallery hosting experience for our users.
  • New business opportunities for web hosting providers.
  • Funding for the continued development of Gallery through referral fees.

The referral program consists of two lists, affiliates and certified hosts.

Some basic requirements for hosting providers:

  • Be both G1 and G2 compatible with all binaries automatically detected on your servers and no extra steps required by the user to get G1 or G2 working
  • Ability to provide an empty test account where we can do a test installation of Gallery
  • Please be an experienced hosting company that can legitimately provide exceptionally strong customer support

How the list works:

  • There are two lists. The first of affiliates, the second of certified hosts. More about these futher down, but affiliates will be first.
  • Hosts will be ordered first by those that have been listed the longest number of months and then by the date of last verification. This means that those that regularily verify and have been around the longest will be at the top of the list (in the spots that typically receive the most number of referrals from us)
  • We will only list the top 25 hosts for now. This may expand as we see how well this program works. Certified hosts may be pushed off of the list if we receive more paid affiliates.

How to get added to the list:

  • Let us know by /*emailing/form/something/etc*/. Provide information to verify the above as well as account to test out.
  • you'll get contact information for the developer that will do your confirmation. Paypal them $50 and they will verify your services and add you to the certified hosts list.
  • After we confirm your addition to the list, please delete the test account or reset it to a blank state. We'll need to test again later from a clean slate
  • If you would like to set up an affiliate program with us, please have an established affiliate program in place already and submit a new /*emailing/form/something/etc*/ to get added to the affiliates list. Once certified, getting added to the affiliates list is free of charge.

How to remain and move up on the list:

  • Stick around! The more months you're here the higher on the list you go
  • Verify often! The most you can verify is once a month, the minimum required to verify is once a year. If you go a year and a day without verification, you will be permanently removed from the list.
  • Be an affiliate! These are higher in the list and get more referrals

How to verify:

  • Let us know by /*emailing/form/something/etc*/. Send us your information and information with an account for us to test out.
  • You'll get contact information for the developer that will do your confirmation. Paypal them $50 and they will verify your services and update the list.
  • Affiliates sending a certain amount of revenue our way will receive complementary confirmation every 6 months.